Amazon Marketing Services

Listing from Scratch $40/Listing

  • Listing from Scratch
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Optimized Title
  • SEO Optimized Bullet Points
  • SEO Optimized Product Description
  • Search Term Optimization
  • Backend Optimization

SEO for Existing Listing $30/Listing

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Optimized Title
  • SEO Optimized Bullet Points
  • SEO Optimized Product Description
  • Search Term Optimization
  • Backend Optimization

Hire Amazon Expert

  • Amazon PPC Services
  • Driving External Traffic
  • On-Demand Consultation
  • Product Research and Sourcing
  • New listing/SEO/Ranking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Ongoing Store Management

Amazon Product Research Services

A winning item is not just high selling but a profitable one. The product also has to be available on-demand or within a reasonable timeframe. There should a constant and reliable supply chain in place. Selling such products promotes growth and increases reputation. Finding such products and suppliers isn’t an easy task. You need to have years of experience, the necessary infrastructure, and know the procedures.
If you are looking for profitable and high-demand products to sell on amazon, you have come to the right place. Sagedoer provides amazon market and product research services in order to find out the best products for your Amazon store. We combine all sorts of Amazon marketing software and our expertise to select the most suitable products that expand your amazon business.

Amazon Product Sourcing & Logistic Support Services

After selecting the right products, you need to arrange a whole lot of things to bring the inventory into your warehouse. At this stage, we help you to choose the best shipping method, timing, and freight forward service, buffer inventory amount, order quantity, etc.

Amazon Product Page Creation Services

Once the inventory reaches your warehouse, you are all set to let the world know that you have an excellent deal. At this stage, you should start the marketing process as soon as possible. A prolonged turnaround time unnecessarily causes revenue loss and increased holding costs.
We create SEO-optimized amazon product pages to rank high in the search result. We start our product listing process by doing keyword research. Then, we go on writing an attractive listing title, bullet points, product description, search terms, and all. We also do product picture optimization wherever needed. Crafting a high-quality product page from scratch can help you increase your sales and climb to the top of your competitors.

Amazon Product Copywriting Services

If you need our help in writing a high-quality product description, we are happy to help. Our product description writing experts write SEO optimized and engaging product copy that converts visitors into paying customers. We have the premium versions of multiple keyword research tools to extract the best keywords to incorporate into your product copy.

Amazon SEO/Product Ranking Services

There are tons of amazon listings that do not generate sales. The reason is they don’t get exposure or visibility. Therefore, it is important to rank high on the search result. Amazon determines the ranking of the product based on many criteria. An Amazon SEO expert knows exactly what to do to rank high and gain maximum visibility. A successful Amazon marketing expert generally follows the following steps to make a listing search engine optimized.
– Extracting a list of the best keywords that represent historical trends of the use by actual buyers through in-depth keyword research (We have my premium tools for Amazon and eBay keyword research like merchant words, Jungle scout, Helium 10, etc.)
– Making keyword enriched SEO titles for each of the products. The SEO title helps search engines to crawl through and deliver your listing against relevant searches.
– Making informative key features that will give a second impression (after product title) to potential buyers.
– Backend works: The most important SEO works in the backend of the listing which is not visible in public but crucial for Amazon to determine the ranking for the product e.g. search terms.
– HTML formatting in your description to give them a professional look e.g. bold, italic, underline, line break, bullet, etc.

Amazon PPC Services

Once your listing is fully optimized for organic traffic and you are willing to further increase your sales, the paid ad campaign (PPC) is for you. Many new product launchers adopt PPC campaigns to kick start selling. A skillful PPC campaign management can help you see rapid growth in no time. On the other hand, if your PPC campaign is not managed by an expert hand, it may cause you a huge loss of money.
We have vast experience of covering a full spectrum of PPC Campaign Management duties like optimizing Clickthrough rate (CTR), Conversion Rate (CR), Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Cost-per-click (CPC), Amazon cost of sales definition (ACOs), etc.

Driving External Traffic to Amazon Listings

Sometimes, Amazon’s internal traffic is not enough to achieve the desired goal. There are lots of customers who buy products based on Google search and references from third-party websites like question and answer sites, social media, review rating sites, etc. Thus the idea of driving external traffic into your amazon listing page arises. Ideally, the following sources drive external traffics:
Search Engine Result Pages, Post to deal sites, Affiliate Marketing, Classified Ads, Placement, Youtube Sponsorship, Online Coaches, Blogging, Guest Posts, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Q&A website, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube