Is Blog Commenting Still SEO Worthy? Here is How to Maximize SEO Benefits from Blog Commenting

Back in the days, blog commenting was an integral part of SEO. As time passed by, google started to crack down on spammy SEO backlink. Thus various types of backlinks that used to pass link juice have become of little or no value at all. Acquiring backlinks from blog posts that already link to dozens of other pages is called spammy backlinks. These comments are often auto-approved and no-follow. Therefore, the only way to get a valuable backlink from blog commenting is to put a link on your comment body (not on the website field on the comment form). But the problem is it is extremely difficult to get this type of link as your comment is very less likely to get approved by the moderator when you add a link in it.

Here is my Ninja Technique for Blog Commenting SEO

Have you ever heard about brand mentions and keyword neighbourhood? If not, let me explain. My website name is thus the brand is “SageDoer”. When your brand name or target keyword is surrounded by a bunch of other keywords, those surrounding keywords are called keyword neighbourhood. If your brand mention is surrounded by a couple of keywords, you are basically telling the search engines that your brand deal with the subject of those keywords. Say I use words like “hire, virtual assistant, company digital marketing, etc. on my blog comment where I also provide my brand name. This will tell the search engines what my brand actually deal with. Thus search engines will prefer to rank my website for those neighbourhood keywords. Here is an example of blog commenting with brand mention:- [Our Boston based company often hire virtual assistants from “SageDoer” for digital marketing and customer service. They provide excellent outsourcing solutions.]
Blog Commenting SEO
As you can see in the picture, I have made a comment on a third party blog which mentioned by brand name along with an important word (SEO). This comment has been indexed by google. Now, if I search for “SageDoer” on google, the above blog page also appears.

Other benefits of blog commenting

  • Build relationship with bloggers
  • Get direct traffics from the readers
  • Brand recognitions

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