Digital Marketing Checklist – The Basic Digital Marketing Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Checklist

Off-Site SEO Checklist

Conceptual Framework:
Well diversified Link Profile
Competitor Research
Do-Follow vs no-follow
Content Marketing-Very High Value
Guest posting
Blogger outreach
Press Release
Influencer Marketing
Commenting-High Value
Blog commenting
forums posting
Review writing: GMB
Question and Answer (Q&A)
Multimedia- Medium Value
Local Citation
Document Sharing: image, video, infographics, pdf, PPT
Brand Mention
Social-Medium Value
Social Media Engagement
Web 2.0
Link Building-Low Value
Social Bookmarking
Classified Listing

On-Site SEO Checklist

Tools and Plugins
Setup the Google Search Console
Install Bing Webmaster Tools
Setup Google Analytics
Install Yoast SEO (WordPress Users Only)
Discover Long Tail Keywords With “Google Suggest”
Find Solid Keywords in The Google Keyword Planner
Include Your Keyword In Your URL
Use Short URLs
Front-Load Your Keyword In Your Title Tag
Embed Title Tag Modifiers
Use Your Keyword Once In The First 150 Words
Use Your Keyword in H1, H2 or H3 Tags
Optimize Images
Use Multimedia (Images Charts Infographics Visual Content Videos Interactive polls and quizzes)
Use Synonyms and LSI Keywords
Use External Links
Use Internal Links
Identify Crawl Errors
Find Out How Google Views Your Page by Google Search Console’s “Inspect URL” feature
Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly
Fix Broken Links
Secure Your Site With HTTPS
Check Your Site’s Loading Speed

Paid Advertising Checklist

Google Search and Display Ads
Google Shopping ads
Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
YouTube Ads
Bing Ads
Twitter Ads
LinkedIn Ads

Affiliate Marketing Checklist

Self Hosted Website
Affiliate Networks
Affiliate Directories
Coupons, Deals, and Promotions
Niche Influencers
Review sites
Shopping Comparison Sites
Loyalty Portals

Social Media Marketing Checklist

Facebook Marketing
Twitter Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing
Pinterest Marketing
YouTube Marketing
Instagram Marketing
Snapchat Marketing
Flickr Marketing
Reddit Marketing
Tumblr Marketing

Reputation Management Checklist

Optimizing Your Web Presence
Performing a Reputation Audit
Checking and Updating Your Profiles
Claiming Your Space
Searching and monitoring Mentions
Review marketing
Responding to reviews
Contacting unsatisfied customers
outreaching to the target Publishers
Staying Active Online

Lead Generation Checklist

Goal and Objectives
Landing Page Optimization
Hook or, Lead Magnet
Email Funnel
Traffic Channels
Ad Messages
Email Nurturing
Routinely Create Quality Content
Forms that Identify Quality Leads
Optimize Thank You Pages
Utilize Auto-Responders
Create & Test Various CTA’s
Integrate CTAs to Relevant Locations

Email Marketing Checklist

Welcome Emails
Email Newsletters
New Content Announcement Email
Product/Catalog Update Email
Confirmation Email
Dedicated/stand-alone Emails
Lead Nurturing Emails
Sponsorship Emails
The Post-Purchase Drip
The Triggered Email Series
The Seasonal Campaign
The Abandoned Cart Series
The Re-Engagement Campaign
Brand Story Emails
Review Request Emails

Content Marketing Checklist

Document Content Marketing Strategy
Competitor & Topic Research
Match Content with Each Stage of the Customer Journey
Speak with Customer Support to Identify Client Problems
Browse Forums to Find What Your Customers Are Interested In
Take Advantage of User-Generated Content
Create Short Videos for Facebook and Instagram
Develop Additional Infographics and Illustrations
Create keyword-optimized Interactive Contents
Publish Research or Articles Based on Statistical Analysis
Publish Comprehensive and Useful Guides
Leverage Micro-Influencers
Support the Most Important News and Events
Transform Multiple Articles into an eBook
Enhance the most popular blog posts
Tailoring Content for Mobile and Voice Search
Self Blogging
Guest Blogging

Online Branding Checklist

Articulate the Vision
Crystalize the Product or Offering
Research the Competition
Identify and Create Customer Persona
Naming (Company & Domain)
Write Your Brand Story
Design a Logo and Website
Crafting Your Brand Messages
Improve Your Online Presence via SEO
Social Media Channel creations
Content Marketing
Company profiling
Influencers Marketing
A/B Testing

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