Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

Hire a dedicated full-time Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant for your business or agency. Our VAs are experts and reliable working under the supervision of an expert manager/team leader. We offer cheap rate Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant for businesses based in North America, Europe, and Australia. We work in collaboration with each other to provide you the best quality service. We apply 3 layers of quality checks on each of our Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant.
Whether you are a business organization or, digital marketing agency, you need a reliable virtual assistant to outsource your digital marketing tasks. Our VAs have years of experience in SEO link building, outreaching, guest blogging, social media marketing, reputation management, eCommerce marketing, Paid media campaigns, and all. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

$8/hr  $10 /hr
Pay As You Go
  • Regular VA Assigned
  • Unused Hours Rollover
  • Free Manager Supervision
  • You Save $2/hr
  • Visual Time Tracker App
  • No Contract
  • Weekly Meeting with Manager
$7/hr  $10 /hr
Buy 20-39Hr/Week
  • Exclusive VAs Assigned
  • Use Any No. of Hr (Min. 20Hr)
  • Free Manager Supervision
  • You Save $3/hr
  • Visual Time Tracker App
  • No Contract
  • Weekly Meeting with Manager
$6/hr  $10 /hr
Hire 1-4 Dedicated VAs
  • Exclusive VA Team Assigned
  • 40-48/hr Per VA Per Week
  • Free Manager Supervision
  • You Save $4/hr
  • Visual Time Tracker App
  • No Contract
  • Weekly Meeting with Manager
$5/hr  $10 /hr
Hire 5+ Dedicated VAs
  • Exclusive VA Team Assigned
  • 40-48/hr Per VA Per Week
  • Free Manager Supervision
  • You Save $5/hr
  • Visual Time Tracker App
  • No Contract
  • Weekly Meeting with Manager

List of Tasks Our Digital Marketing Virtual Assistants Do

Research products, services, and current strategies
Competitive research and de-structuring competitive strategies
Build, plan and implement the overall digital marketing strategy
Liaise with Marketing, Sales, Design and Content teams
Motivate the digital marketing team to achieve goals
Brainstorm new and creative growth strategies
Measure & Control ROI and KPIs
Stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments

On-Site SEO
Setup Google Search Console & Analytics
Setup SEO Plugin
Meta Data optimization
Content optimization
Image optimization e.g. Alt tag, file name, geo-tagging images
H1, H2, H3 Optimization
URL optimization (With your permission)
Keyword Research
Use Synonyms and LSI Keywords
External linking
Internal linking
non-www to www
Duplicate Content Check
XML sitemap
Connecting social properties
On-Site Blogging/Blog Optimization
Website Speed optimization markup
Identify Crawl Errors
Mobile friendliness optimization
Identify Crawl Errors
Secure Your Site With HTTPS

Email Marketing
Choosing an email marketing software vendor
Designing email newsletter templates
Distributing email newsletter
Writing email newsletter copy
Setting up trigger emails
Setting up an account with the email marketing software vendor
Sending test copies of the email newsletter
Segmenting email newsletter lists
Reviewing email newsletter metrics
Cleaning up the database (fixing typos, adding in new data)
Lead Generation

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
Writing ad copy
Designing ad units
Monitoring Facebook Ad campaigns
Researching affiliate programs
Signing up for affiliate programs
Running retargeting campaigns
Managing ad campaigns in Google AdWords
Managing ads on LinkedIn
Running estimates of audience size for Facebook ads
Buying ad space on specific or niche sites
Public Relations
Commenting on articles or blog posts online
Documenting online media placements
Following up with potential customers
Pitching bloggers to review a product
Writing press releases
Submitting press releases thru online wire services
Sending out product samples
Searching forums for influencers
Reviewing forums for consumer feedback

Off-Site SEO
Evaluate your backlink profile
Check your competitors’ backlink profiles
Assess your link building options
Broken link building
Outreach/Guest Blogging
Forum posting
Press release
Social Bookmarking
Blog and website directory listing
Question and Answering SEO
Video Sharing
Image Sharing
Document Sharing
Infographic Sharing
Review Rating

Website Management
Designing web graphics
Editing web copy
Fixing broken links on the company website
Installing tracking codes on the company website
Publishing blog posts
Renewing domains and hosting plans
Sourcing images to accompany blog posts and status updates

Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Developing an editorial calendar for content sharing
Updating social media accounts
Creating and scheduling social media posts
Answering to customer questions & messages
Bookmarking blog content on social bookmarking sites
Creating custom and branded social media pages
Designing cover images for social profiles
Developing social media marketing plans
Interacting with consumers via social media
Responding to questions on Quora
Monitoring competitors’ social media updates
Writing proposal
Creating lead capture forms
Writing sales follow up copies
Writing sales scripts
Submitting eCommerce products to shopping aggregators
Using lead scoring for prospects
Developing demonstrations or tutorials
Networking – in person!
Writing tips & how-to articles to share with prospects or customers
Researching affiliate programs

Project Management
Getting content approved by key stakeholders
Posting ads online to recruit staff or vendors
Giving presentations on your work
Formatting documents (Ms office)
Writing case studies of projects or clients
Updating editorial calendars
Training staff on social media involvement
Speaking at industry conferences or meetings
Sitting through many demos of marketing tools & dashboards
Setting up Google Alerts on key companies, people or products
Sending thank-you notes or emails to customers
Reviewing metrics, metrics, metrics
Reviewing reports with clients
Researching the latest digital marketing trends & tools

Reputation Management
Determine the reputation goal
Assess Your Current Online Reputation
Craft a Social Media Policy to Supports Reputation Goals
Create A Presence on All Relevant Web Properties
Implement Authorship Where Applicable
Find posts & contents that negatively reflect your brand
Push negative reviews and mentions down and pull positive ones up I the SERPs
Find popular branded search terms
create content to address branded searches terms
Set up alerts for company name and brand mention
Fix reputation-damaging reviews and mentions
Enhance Your Reputation with Blog Posts (Owned Media)

Developing contests to promote a business or product
Designing contest pages
Writing contest rules
Promoting contests to contest directories
Promoting contests online on the company website
Promoting contests online through the company’s social profiles
Promoting contests through company’s email newsletters
Tracking the progress of contest entries
Choosing winners of contests
Announcing contest winners
Notify winners of contests
Distributing contest prizing
Distributing coupon codes online
Listing your events with local online events calendars
Ordering premiums created to hand out
Writing white papers
Posting white papers online on sites like
Strategies for data analysis and reporting
Defining the metrics and data sources
configure, and implement analytical codes
Lead and develop a data analysts’ team
Extract reports from multiple sources
Transforming the raw data into actionable insights & models
Present the analytical findings to the senior management
Analyzing Google Analytics
Measuring search engine optimization results
Performing competitor keyword analysis
Analyzing eCommerce sales data
Analyzing social media metrics, like Facebook Insights
Analyzing reports to track growth & ROI