Free Training Program

If you are looking to excel in any specific skill of digital marketing, VA support, Accounting, finance, etc. for free of cost, our free training program is for you. You will learn while working on real projects. The duration of this program is 3 months.

Benefits of Our Free Training Program:

  • Get hands-on experience with real clients projects
  • Learn about the latest techniques and technologies and enhance your knowledge
  • Enhance your CV and get recommendations
  • Build your portfolio with real-life working experience
  • Chances of placement after completing the training depending on your performance and vacancies opened
  • Work from home under senior supervision and learn about the actual working condition

Requirements for our Our Free Training Program:

  • Very good command in English
  • Relevant academic background is highly preferable
  • Willingness to work voluntarily for 8 hours a day
  • Patience and ambition to learn new things

Work Location:

We are truly global. Your location does not matter. The work will be done remotely yet you will feel real working conditions. All you need to have a computer with a reliable internet connection.

What is After the 3 Months Training?

After the successful completion of our training program, you will be ready to compete in the market and build your own career in the industry. If we have vacancies opened and you made outstanding performance throughout the training duration, we may offer you a placement in our company. We will provide the reference if you need so. In case you aren’t confident about your ability to land a job and want to gain even more experience, you can apply for another training program on a new skill.


1. You must use our time tracking tool on your PC while working
2. It will record all the programs you used on your PC when you turn the time tracker on
3. You are not allowed to do anything not related to work during working hours
4. The time tracker will also give you a score based on your activity level e.g. if you sit idle while the time tracker is on, your activity level will go down
5. We will mention your activity level (%) in the completion certificate
6. You must finish the program to receive any certification or recommendation