Referral Program

SageDoer referral program can be an excellent opportunity for You to refer and earn. You can join our referral program to earn passive income based on the number of new clients you refer to us if:

  • You are an existing customer
  • You are an ex-customer
  • You are not a customer but want to earn money by referring new customers to us

This program isn’t applicable for:

  • SageDoer internal staffs, contractors, suppliers.
  • Customers who want to become self referrer i.e. you can’t refer yourself.

Pay Structure

We pay a 30% referral fee of the first bill or first-month bills (if multiple bills in one month) to the client you refer to us. For example, if you refer a client who spent $500 in the first month, you will receive $500*30% = $150 for that lead.

Payout Method

Existing Customers:- Payment in the form of discount to your next bill
Ex-customers and Affiliates:- Cash Disbursement at the end of each month