Social Media Marketing Checklist

Daily Checklist:
Research Content to Share
Hashtag and keyword research
Schedule status Updates
Replying to comments or, queries
Checking and acting on new Mentions
Brand Advocacy
Follow/Like back
Connect with New people

Weekly Checklist:
Checking and Monitoring Stats
Engaging with Influencers
Engaging with Partners
Weekly performance check-in
Hold A Strategy Session
Attend Chats, Hangouts, Etc.
Creating or updating PPC Ads

Perform A Social Media Audit
Setting-up goals for the next month
Brainstorm new ideas to Experiment
Action plan for The Next Month

Major Social Media Sites:
1. Facebook
2. YouTube
3. Twitter
4. Instagram
5. LinkedIn
6. Pinterest
7. Snapchat
8. Flickr
9. Reddit
10. Tumblr

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