SageDoer is a renowned website maintenance service company ensuring consistent performance and security of websites across a wide range of industries and locations. Whether you’re looking for a monthly, weekly or hourly website maintenance plan, SageDoer has got you covered.

Weekly Website Maintenance
Checking whether all of your web pages are loading without errors
Running a backup to ensure that a previous version of your site is stored
Updating your website software and plugins whenever available
Checking whether or not all of your forms are functioning as expected
Detecting and removing spam comments from your pages and posts
Checking your webpages to see if there is any broken link
Searching for 404 errors and fixing or redirecting them
Writing at least one to keep your audience engaged & attract search engine spider
Monthly Website Maintenance
Checking the website loading speed and fixing issues that slow your website down
Reviewing your security scans for ensuring that nothing is out of place
Analyzing your search console data from the previous month
Checking your blog for any obsolete post or information and updating as needed
Quarterly Website Maintenance
Reviewing the website design and structure for any obsolete components and opportunities improvement
Checking website graphics and images for any necessary update
Reviewing On-Site SEO Components including metadata for highest effectiveness
Testing and tweaking popups, forms, and calls to action to see if everything is working orderly
Reviewing the types of tech work you do regularly to see if there is anything that can be automated
Cross-checking of the website on all devices (mobile, tabs, pc, laptop) to see if it displays correctly
Reviewing advertising and marketing campaign strategies and recommending changes as needed
Checking the website backup system by restoring a previous version
Yearly Website Maintenance
Updating all references to the current year
Reviewing each page for content accuracy, grammar, typos, and relevancy
Checking all active email addresses and deleting unnecessary addresses
Ensuring that your website domain name and hosting plans are renewed
Considering the need for a website design update
Reviewing the most popular blog articles for an opportunity of further enhancement
Other Types of website issues that we fix whenever needed.
Security Upgrades
SSL Installation
Google ReCaptcha Integration
Google Analytics Integration
Google Search Console Setup
Core Updates
Plugin Updates
Theme Updates
Clear Log and Junk Files
Database Optimization
Scan a website and resolve any malicious file issue
Check all inquiry form is working
Fix Broken Links and HTML errors
Crawling and Indexing errors
Delete unused plugins and themes
Port 80 Check (rectify if any issue founds)
Minor changes & improvement in features as required
Blog/Content update
Fixing CSS Coding
Trouble Shooting Server Issue
Trouble Shooting DB Error
Add/Remove images
Create/update forms
Bugs And error removal
Google Mapping
Password Change & Manage
3rd Party Script Integration
Domain & Hosting Management Support
Server Migrations
DNS Management Assistance
MX Record Add/Edit/Delete
Assistance with the domain transfer
Email Account Creation
Email Password Changes
FTP Account Creation
IP Blocking
3rd Party Server Management