Our White Label Partnership program is most beneficial for the established businesses that do not provide our services in-house or, are overloaded with the projects. We offer to boost their delivery capacities without additional setup or, hiring costs. The White Label Service program helps your company to offer all the services we provide without additional responsibilities. You can use our premises and workforce as your augmented delivery center and we will uphold our commitment to being anonymous to your clientele.


  • What is your Legal form?

We are a registered LLP incorporated in India. Our registered official name is “SAGEDOER LLP” and LLPIN: AAZ-1556 which can be verified on the government website.

  • What is your experience?

We are in business since 2010. Therefore, we have 12 years of industry experience as of 2021.

  • Once I get clients, would I need to manage them or your team will have a manager that work directly with them?

We don’t directly get involved with your customers. Therefore, it is your responsibility to acquire and manage the clients.

  • Would we need to do video calls with potential or ongoing clients to arrange services or stay in communication?

It is up to you how you provide customer services to your clients. As a rule of thumb, having at least one official meeting at the beginning is a good practice. You can provide regular support via phone/email/instant messaging apps etc.

  • Would we have them sign any sort of commitment or contract?

It is better to have a contract but pushing them to sign a contract may make them feel uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to make the decision based on the client’s preference.

  • Do i need to share Client’s login details?

We need the login details of the client’s website/hosting account/social media etc. in order to execute our work. But you can rest assured all of the confidential data are safe with us.

  • How do I accept payment from my clients?

It is up to you. You can offer them multiple options like bank transfer, check, PayPal, etc.

  • Should i ship to clients with any physical marketing or branded business materials that they might need.

That’s totally up to you. Some of our client agencies send marketing materials digitally and others send by post.

  • How would I decide what companies to cold call and offer services to?

There are many ways to do that. We will provide an initial guideline if needed. But you need to be creative as well and figure out which method is the most effective for you e.g., some people are good at cold calling, some people are experts at email marketing, some people prefer to visit the client’s premises.

  • Would your company and our company sign a contract, committing to offering services together or agreeing not to undercut or take clients?

Yes, we are open to that. But we don’t instantly go ahead and sign a contract with anyone. We will evaluate your potential as a business partner before. If you have at least one client in hand then we can sign a contract to start work.

  • How long would it take to acquire more staff/resources if needed?

One month maximum.

  • What are the qualifications of your team members?

All of our executive team members have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, relevant work experience, and inauguration training.

  • Does your team work from an office or from home?

We have a corporate office in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. We have a mixed approach i.e., some of our team members work from home and others work from the office. But those who work from home have a weekly reporting day in the office.

  • What computer programs would I or clients have to pay for if needed?

You don’t have to pay for any kind of computer program or marketing tool unless it is exclusively for your use only. We have licenses of all kinds of necessary software like MS office suits, Google Workspace, Adobe suits, and various SEO software like Moz, SEMRush, Ahref, etc.

  • When would clients pay me for services and when would I then pay you?

Again, this is up to when you will charge your clients. The common norm is that digital marketing agencies charge monthly fees to their clients. We also require you to pay us monthly. Sometimes, we offer discounts for depositing upfront payments for multiple months.