General Virtual Assistant

A general virtual assistant does hundreds of daily tasks that can easily be outsourced and moves you away from your core business activities. SageDoer general virtual assistants are for those who do not fall into any specialized category we have e.g. Attorney, real estate agent, doctor, CA. It is for those businesses and professionals who have a big list of day-to-day tasks e.g. data entry, administrative works, etc. If you want to cut your admin costs yet increasing the efficiencies, our general virtual assistant service is for you.
Our general virtual assistant service is really affordable compared to other places. You can hire a full time dedicated virtual assistant from SageDoer just for $5/hr. Please check our price structure below:

$8/hr  $10 /hr
Pay As You Go
  • Regular VA Assigned
  • Unused Hours Rollover
  • Free Manager Supervision
  • You Save $2/hr
  • Visual Time Tracker App
  • No Contract
  • Weekly Meeting with Manager
$7/hr  $10 /hr
Buy 20-39Hr/Week
  • Exclusive VAs Assigned
  • Use Any No. of Hr (Min. 20Hr)
  • Free Manager Supervision
  • You Save $3/hr
  • Visual Time Tracker App
  • No Contract
  • Weekly Meeting with Manager
$6/hr  $10 /hr
Hire 1-4 Dedicated VAs
  • Exclusive VA Team Assigned
  • 40-48/hr Per VA Per Week
  • Free Manager Supervision
  • You Save $4/hr
  • Visual Time Tracker App
  • No Contract
  • Weekly Meeting with Manager
$5/hr  $10 /hr
Hire 5+ Dedicated VAs
  • Exclusive VA Team Assigned
  • 40-48/hr Per VA Per Week
  • Free Manager Supervision
  • You Save $5/hr
  • Visual Time Tracker App
  • No Contract
  • Weekly Meeting with Manager

List of Tasks Our General Virtual Assistants Do

Common Tasks Our Virtual Assistants Do:
Online marketing
Website & software development
Audio & video editing
General administrative tasks
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social media management & growth
Booking & scheduling
Email management
Customer support (email, live chat, etc.)
Research & content writing
Graphic design

General VA tasks
Sourcing & training additional virtual assistants
Placing job ads and filtering candidates
Conducting employee/applicant background, credit, and criminal checks
Finding guest blogging opportunities
Finding & ordering office supplies online
Finding & ordering gifts online
Creating & tracking Google Alerts
Finding products & service providers (Product Research)
Finding networking opportunities
Finding speaking opportunities

Booking & scheduling
Booking conference venues
Booking travel and accommodation arrangements
Booking restaurant reservations
Scheduling follow-ups for leads
Notifying you of important calendar changes
Tracking and notifying you of impending deadlines
Adding & updating internal calendar entries
Scheduling appointments with clients, partners, and staff

Content research & writing
Creating training materials
eBook / PDF formatting and layout
Researching presentation content
Creating presentation slides
Creating press releases
Researching report content
Creating infographics
Creating case studies from past customers
Writing reports
Researching infographic content
Creating document templates
Editing & publishing blog posts
Creating resource lists for blog articles
Proofreading ebooks, emails, reports & other documents
Transcribing video, audio, handwritten notes to text
Submitting blog content to directories and aggregators
Researching ideas for new blog articles /infographics/podcasts/videos/reports etc.

Data & file management
Updating existing contact details in your CRM system
Updating opportunities in your CRM system
Organizing files in Dropbox/Google Drive/Box
Updating docs in Excel, Word, Google Drive
Capturing business cards to your CRM system
Creating online forms & surveys

Finance management
Paying bills
Creating sales reports
Transferring funds
Managing customer refunds
Monitoring competitor pricing
Preparing invoices for your review
Sending invoices & following up on late ones
Collecting documents for tax season
Sourcing quotes from suppliers
Creating & managing affiliate accounts
Capturing receipts to your accounting system
Tracking and notifying you of budgets

Communications management
Processing support tickets, emails. voicemails, chat request from clients and prospects
Creating & sending event invitations
Taking meeting notes
Moderating blog and forum comments
Creating & sending meeting agendas
Searching & contacting target audience to participate as podcast / video / webinar guests
Filtering emails and escalating the issue that requires your attention

Internet marketing
Researching industry hashtags &  influencers
SEO competitor analysis
Growing social Marketing
Researching keywords for blog/website content
Updating email list subscriber details
Creating email autoresponders
Tracking product / service / brand mentions
Creating & scheduling email newsletters
Creating & running online contests
Submitting social bookmarks for blog content
Finding & contacting potential clients offering services/products on Facebook groups or on forums
Creating & interpreting SEO & SEM reports and conversions
On-page SEO (keywords research, metadata, image alt tags, etc.)
Off-page SEO (Link building, Outreaching, etc.)

Website Management
Improving website speed
Running website backups
Finding & fixing broken website links
Installing SSL certificates
Researching web hosting options
Installing website software updates
Searching for and purchasing domains
Building blogs, and microsites
Customizing, or installing website plugins
Customizing, or installing website themes
Integrating websites with third-party services (e.g. CRMs, email providers, social media, payment gateways, etc.)

Creating landing pages

Publishing podcast content
Sourcing royalty-free music
Sourcing voice talent & creating voiceovers
Uploading content to Vimeo, DailyMotion, YouTube etc.
Adding intro’s and outro’s
Removing background noise
Converting audio / video content formats
Adding audio / video metadata

Graphic design
Editing photos
Designing logos
Creating QR codes
Creating virtual tours
Designing book covers
Developing a brand identity
Designing business cards
Adding watermarks to photos and videos
Designing brochures & flyers
Designing featured images for blog posts
Designing cover photos for social media profiles

New Product launches
Writing launch-related blog posts
Creating shareable launch images & videos
Writing & scheduling relevant social media posts
Creating a launch calendar
Writing launch sequence emails
Creating & monitoring launch advertising campaigns
Creating landing pages with pre-made social shares to promote the launch