How We Work

Minimum Project Size:

Our minimum project size is $200 either one off or monthly.

Security Deposit:

We require 50% advance payment for any plan or package specially if you are a new customer. This is to have peace in mind for both of us. You don’t pay 100% advance before we start on the other hand, we don’t launch a project with zero payment.

If we are to engage in a regular business, you can make post payment keeping 50% of a requiring payment as security deposit. For example, if you subscribe to our monthly SEO package of $300 per month, you need to make a security deposit of $150 at the beginning. You will be paying $300 At the end of every month. Your security deposit will be adjusted with your last month’s bill with us.

Payment Method:

We prefer payment via TransferWise as their transaction cost and currency conversion costs are fair. In case you prefer some other payment method, you need to bear the transaction and currency conversion charges.

Time Tracking:

We track time for hourly contract and give you access to the activity report. This is an additional layer of accountability we offer on top of the project report we send you. When our team works on your project, they keep the time tracker on and the time tracker monitors and records all of the activities done during paid time. You can see the report that includes visual screenshots, websites and programs used, activity level etc.

Three Layers of Quality Control: