Amazon PPC Campaign Strategy

There are 3 Amazon ad types available:
Sponsored Products
Sponsored Brands
Sponsored Display Ads

Some Best Practices:
1. Targeting New Competition
2. Targeting in Spanish
3. Separating Auto Campaign
4. Category Targeting and Filtering Bad Competition
5. Targeting Adjacent Categories
6. PPC Creation Templates
7. Big Budget, Small bid
8. Start with long-tail keywords.
9. Rank Optimization Through Amazon PPC
10. Adjust Your Bids by Ad Placements
11. One ASIN each group
12. Put Similarly-Priced Products in the Same Ad Group
13. Target Your Own Products Through Product Targeting Ads
14. Use Review Keywords
15. Try video ads for brand registered products
16. Try sponsored display ads
17. Use negative keywords
18. Make use of the brand analytics

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