How to Hire Low-Cost Virtual Assistants? Virtual Assistant at $3 Per Hour

The entire idea of outsourcing and remote staffing comes with the underlying concept of cutting the costs. Before we go further, you need to ask yourself, how low is low enough for you? For the entry-level virtual assistant (VA) with moderate skills, $3/hr is considered to be the lowest. Anything below that rate can waste your time and money. If your job is repetitive and easy to do like data entry, web research, etc., you may consider an entry-level VA.

You can hire a freelance virtual assistant who works from home or, you can work with a virtual assistant company like SageDoer. The problem with independent virtual assistants is that they lose motivation and the performance deteriorates day by day. You may also find it difficult to communicate with them because of poor English and not being able to reply to you in a timely manner. This wouldn’t be the case when you work with a serious agency like us. You will have a dedicated project manager who will be at the point of communications with proper English and punctuality.

Now the question is, how you will get such an agency that will agree to provide dedicated Virtual Assistants just for $3/hr? They have office premises, staff salary, project manager salary, and other bills to pay. Well, this can only happen when the company has vacant space or, staff for the time being or, they are running some promotional packages. Sometimes you need to have special promo codes. SageDoer is currently running such a promotional campaign. If you are reading this article, you may also avail of the offer by providing the promo code $3VA2021.

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